• Analyse the present websiteWhat can be improved to the current website. Structure, layout, functionality…

  • Redesign and developmentCreating a redesign. The final design will be refined, built and linked to Create Sites, our content management system.

  • Renewed website: easily alter and manageA new look and clear navigation. Easily be altered and managed.
    Together we achieved a - renewed - successful result.

A professional look for your present website

or your new website designed and developed

Has your present website the correct professional look? Can visitors find the right information? Is the navigation still clear?

The navigation often can be enhanced by changing the structure or layout. By grouping pages or providing visitors with a more logic navigational path. After the analysis one or more redesigns are made.

Don't hesitate to start rewriting text for the website and collect photos or other image material. Of course we can advise you on this.

These redesigns will be discussed, improved and optimised. Eventually their will be a final design which will be refined.

According to current web standards templates will be developed and linked to our content management system (CMS) Create Sites. This way text and photos appear in the right and consistent style.

From now on the website can easily be altered and managed. Need help? No problem. For specific and more complex changes we offer custom made solutions.

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