Design of a web application

Design and front-end development

Creational designs web applications or 'web-based' software for different kind of users and clients. Usability is key. Because web applications are often used on a regular base or even on a daily base. Therefore they should have a clear interface and should be easy to use. And of course they may also look good.

The screen designs can be delivered as a Photoshop file, but we recommend XHTML templates. Why? The final application will correspond better with the concept we together made. In addition, your developers can start earlier and there will be less unclearity on the futher development.

During the further development of the web application, we provide advice and assistance.

For organisations like:

LENS Business Software, ProRail, Moxio, Hewlett-Packard, ICCO, M-Industries, CML, Sanoma Media, Adidas, and Insinger de Beaufort.

Web applications for:

  • Client monitoring
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Quality management
  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Ordering systems
  • Document generation
  • Printing process management
  • Advertisment systems
  • Information screens
  • and more…

Some examples:

  • Quality management and survey applications for LENS Business Software
  • Task management system and object management for ProRail
  • Dashboard screen for production machines for M-Industries
  • Social Intranet and task management for Moxio
  • Advertisement platform for .CML/Sanoma Media
  • Publication platform for YEMO
  • Ordering system concept for Adidas
  • Presentationsystem for Insinger de Beaufort
  • Publication- and ordersystems for HP

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